Web Services

At JacobsonSoft, you need not feel intimidated by the Internet and Information Technology wave. We are here to make sure that you can take optimum advantage of these facilities and equip your business with the best that the Web has to offer. No matter what the size of your business or idea, we can effectively tailor make your solutions, be it a simple web site or an integrated e-commerce package. We will translate your business and evolve it to keep pace with the latest in Information Technology to help you advance with the trends and the business world.

Our range of web site development services include:

A basic must-have for any developing business. A simple HTML design will be able to describe and outline your business activity and your products and will not require any interactivity with your site visitors. It will incorporate text and images, along with banner advertisements and other graphics. This facility can be published at an affordable rate for any small business and is most cost effective for them.


Dynamic websites are suitable for businesses which require more user interaction. There will be a database requirement and businesses can communicate with their web users, obtain feedback and generate information content and vaious other utilities. These are suitable for small to medium range businesses and can employ a simple or complex database design based on their requirements. We will design & develop the database, using SQL as our database utility.


Email Broadcasting
E-mail is one of today's fastest growing communication media, and for good reasons. It's immediate. It's inexpensive. It's personal. Yet, many businesses still use it only for responding to questions and complaints.
How about sending a monthly promotion, meeting agendas, press releases, or a newsletter? JacobsonSoft's E-mail broadcasting will save you time and money while keeping your customer feeling important and valued. E-mail also guarantees that the "right person" will receive the information.

JacobsonSoft has the capability to send text or HTML messages. And to prompt an immediate response at the click of a mouse, we can also e-mail links and even an interactive response form.
JacobsonSoft can...

JacobsSoft's Email Database features:

  • Database segregated by Nationality, age, profession, city and country.
  • All records include First name and Last name. An e-mail including the recipient's first name and a personal note makes your customer feel important and appreciated.
  • OPT IN email list

JacobsSoft's Email Database Management
JacobsonSoft has the e-mail management capabilities that make you more efficient. We handle Database Removes to clean unwanted names and avoid re-emailing to those who won't be receptive to your message. And we handle E-response Management, forwarding the info you specify to those who respond for more details on your email offers.


SMS Broadcasting
JACOBSONSOFT SMS BROADCAST is an innovative new service from JACOBSONSOFT that allows you to broadcast SMS via the Internet to prospects or customers.

Simply give us your target profile, your message, and your preferred time of delivery. JACOBSONSOFT will do the rest. Sending bulk SMS has never been simpler!

Key benefits of SMS services:

  • Low entry cost
  • Creates excellent brand reinforcement opportunities
  • Customer friendly
  • New services deployed quickly
  • Optimizes earning potential

JacobsSoft's SMS Database features:

  • Database segregated by Nationality, age, profession, city and country
  • All records include First name and Last name. An SMS including the recipient's first name and a personal note makes your customer feel important and appreciated
  • Arabic SMS messages.

What does it cost?
JACOBSONSOFT has packaged a standardised JACOBSONSOFT SMS BROADCAST product that can get you started with basic functionalities within 24 hours. For a fixed price you will get an all inclusive package comprising a number of prepaid SMS messages, and the functionality to insert your company's name or contact number on the message.

Additional optional features are also available on

We will be happy to explain these to you... click here


To bring in more excitement and graphics to your site, you can include detailed flash animations on your site, specially developed for you by our Flash experts. There will be more interactivity with the users and it will have more visual appeal to the eye. These are more expensive and are suitable for creative based businesses or those with high description based product lines. You can also include streaming video and audio soundtracks in such projects.


With the increasing demand for online shopping and trade businesses, we can cater to your e-commerce requirements, by giving you custom built e-commerce portal packages. We also give you administrative and maintenance backup and have Verisign approved e-commerce features built in. You can conduct online secure credit card transactions, with a high level of security and proper database support.

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